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Purchasing your first handgun is a big step.  Handguns have some distinct advantages and disadvantages depending on when and how you decide to use them and you should be aware of these circumstances prior to making your decision. Handguns are not as powerful as shotguns or rifles but they are much more transportable and depending on how you intend to use your new firearm, you may find that the added portability is essential to your firearm strategy.  A pistol will give you added flexibility when clearing rooms as one hand can be used to open the door while your firearm can stay facing the direction of any potential threats.  This is also helpful when turning on lights or escorting individuals to safety.  Let’s take a look at some other important factors to consider when making your first pistol purchase.


Pistols come in a wide variety of makes, models, and designs.  You will want to stick to a pistol design that has proven to be of high-quality and reliability.  The worst case scenario would be that you firearm jams in the middle of a life or death situation.  This scenario can be avoided by sticking to reputable manufacturers.  Mil-spec or Military Specific firearms will give you the most reliability, as they have been tested for their durability and accuracy under heavy use scenarios.


The caliber of your pistol is also very important.  You will want to choose a caliber of at least 9mm when looking for home defense.  You will need the stopping power to halt a motivated assailant.  Recent improvements in ammunition have made it possible to get reliable stopping power from lower-caliber handguns as well as with manufacturers spending considerable funds on the creation of high powered low caliber bullets.  The type of bullets your gun uses will also play a major role in the capacity of your firearm.  Larger rounds will provide you with greater stopping power but they will also reduce the amount of ammunition that can fit in your firearms clip.

Operating Costs

No firearm is free to own.  You will need to spend considerable funds on bullets, cleaning supplies, ranges, targets, and any accessories you require.  All of these costs can add up over time and this is why it is important to choose a firearm that fits your budget.  You will be feeling the burn in your wallet if you chose a home defense gun that has expensive rounds such as 10mm bullets.  While you may enjoy more stopping power, you will also need to spend way more than the average gun owner to master your new firearm.


Safety is the most important step to consider when purchasing your new firearm.  You will need to make an additional investment in a gun lock and gun safe.  Both of these items can be the best way to protect your family from unauthorized use of your firearm.  A gun lock will ensure that your children are unable to accidentally fire your gun if they happen upon it and a gun safe will do the same but also protect your firearm from theft.  There are many instances when a home is robbed and the criminals use the homeowner’s firearm against them and this is why police dispatchers ask people if there are any firearms in the house when a burglary is reported.


You will need to consider the exact role your firearm will play in your defense strategy.  You will not want a large or heavy firearm if you are looking for the ability to easily conceal your firearm.  Wearing a bulky firearm can be extremely uncomfortable and depending on its overall size, it may be completely impractical during certain situations.  You should choose a smaller firearm when you are planning to bring your firearm with you.  There are a wide variety of concealment holsters that can give you the ability to keep your firearm hidden without sacrificing your overall comfort.  Compact pistols will work best in this scenario.

5 Important Things to Consider When Purchasing a Handgun

Now that you have a better understanding of the important things to consider when making your first handgun purchase, you are ready to upgrade your personal security with a reliable and accurate firearm.  Be sure to test fire any firearms you are considering and you are sure to choose the perfect pistol to fit your requirements.

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