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Owning a firearm is a big responsibility and it affects everyone in your home.  Your firearm can be a crucial part of your home security plan and regardless of how often you use your gun; you should be thoroughly familiar with its functions.  You don’t want the first time you shoot your gun to be in a life or death situation.

Gun ownership comes with big responsibilities.  You don’t want any of your loved ones to be accidentally injured while handling your firearm and you don’t want your gun to end up in the wrong hands.  Follow these 10 gun safety tips for big families to keep your home safe and your family protected.


Always Point Your Firearm in a Safe Direction

Rule #1 of firearm ownership is to never point your gun in an unsafe direction.  You should always have your firearm facing down range or towards the ground when handling it.  Every year, people are injured around the country from an accidental firearm discharge.  Be extra careful when handling your firearm in your home as your bullets can shoot through your walls and harm family members in other rooms.


Keep Your Finger off the Trigger

You should never have your finger on the trigger unless you are actually shooting your gun.  When your finger is on the trigger any small or accidental motion could discharge your firearm.   You don’t want to accidentally trip or stumble with your finger on your trigger as it could result in a shot being fired.


Keep Your Firearm Unloaded

When your firearm is in storage it should be kept unloaded.  This tip has been debated over the years but after a string of robberies where the victim was assaulted by their own firearm, it has become common practice to keep your gun unloaded while in storage


Know Your Firearm

Read the manual that came with your firearm.  This will give you a firm understanding of your guns functions.  You want to know your firearm inside and out.  This familiarity can be a lifesaver when you are put in an intense situation.


Keep Your Firearm in a Locked Safe

Kids can be curious about firearms and try as you might; your children will find time to explore your hiding spots when you are not around.  You don’t want a child playing with your firearm as it could result in serious life-threatening injuries.  To avoid this you should always keep your firearms locked safely away in a cabinet or safe.


Keep Your Ammunition Separate

Storing your ammo separate from your firearm is a smart idea as well.  This will ensure that anyone who happens upon your gun without your approval can’t use the firearm against you or by accident.  Ammunition can become dangerous in a house fire so you should consider purchasing an ammo box to keep your bullets in.


Use a Gun Lock

Gun locks save lives.  The best type of gun lock will secure the barrel and chamber from being loaded.  This is by far the best way to transport your firearms when going to the shooting range or hunting.  This way you can clearly see if your firearms are loaded and if one is accidentally picked up by someone, you don’t have to worry about any accidents.


Teach Your Children about Firearms

Your kids are curious about your guns.  Don’t let their firearm education come from video games and television.  Your kids need to understand that your gun is a tool and just like any other tool, it can cause serious harm if mishandled.


Always Clean Your Firearm after Use

A dirty gun can misfire when you need it most.  Your firearm requires maintenance such as regular cleaning after being used.  This should be part of your shooting routine.  Leaving your gun dirty can affect the performance and accuracy of your firearm.  You don’t want your gun to jam during a life or death situation because you have failed to keep it clean


Have Family Meetings about Firearm Safety

Your entire family needs to be aware that there is a firearm in the house and how to respond if the firearm is needed.  Families that shoot together are more prepared with their firearm usage strategies.  Your entire family needs to be fully trained on how to safely handle your gun including what to do if there is a shooting accident in the house.


10 Gun Safety Tips for Families

Now that you know the top 10 gun safety tips for families, you are ready to start your firearms collection.  Your family is priority one and safety should always be your main focus when dealing with firearms.  Follow the tips in this guide to ensure that your family is safe and your firearms are being used properly.

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